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Saf-T-Vac Electrocuateral Smoke and Fluid Evacuator – Improves visualization and protects the OR staff


  • Designed to enhance electrocautery procedures safely and effectively.
  • Removes smoke and fluids for a healthier environment for patient and staff.
  • Sleek and lightweight design provides better visualization and control in limited cavities.
  • Dual action chamber dissects, coagulates and evacuates at the same time.
  • Easy to use with short or extended electrodes.
  • Inexpensive and disposable, saves time and money.
  • Shipped sterile in boxes of 10.


altElectrocautery uses a high frequency electrical current to heat a metal electrode to simultaneously cut and cauterize tissue during surgery. Although this procedure is highly effective, it does emit a considerable amount of airborne pollutants into the O.R. environment. An estimated 500,000 healthcare workers are exposed to these contaminants every year, including surgeons, patients, and staff. Recent studies suggest plume produced during electrocautery carries hazardous airborne particles, gases and toxins, some of which contain known carcinogens and even viruses. It has also been found that a regular surgical mask is ineffective in filtering out most of these harmful byproducts.


The Saf-T-Vac® is a novel suction device developed by Surgiform, which effectively solves this problem by providing a safe and efficient suction path for removing these harmful byproducts before becoming airborne. The Saf-T-Vac® simply slips over most standard electrocautery pens and has a universal suction adapter which plugs into any available O.R. suction source. altIt has a patented dual-action, anti-clogging tip which provides precise, worry-free dissection and cauterization with safe, effective evacuation. The device is lightweight and less bulky which reduces hand fatigue while increasing visualization. The Saf-T-Vac® is versatile, it can be used with short, extended or needlepoint electrodes. The kit also includes an optional tube adapter that can accommodate extended or needlepoint electrodes. The Saf-T-Vac® provides a cleaner, healthier O.R. environment, which reduces your risk of contamination. The Saf-T-Vac® eliminates the need for separate suction assistance, a feature that can save valuable O.R. time. The Saf-T-Vac® is inexpensive, disposable, and latex-free. The device is sold sterile, and is available in boxes of ten.